Looking back on our history, we are grateful for the many individuals who have contributed to our success over the years. From our founders to our employees, partners, and clients, each has played a critical role in shaping who we are today.


A visionary Mr. Shyam Sundar Fogla founded Fogla Group of Industries.


Jumac Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd. formed by Mr. Shyam Sundar Fogla as a first company under Fogla group engaged in manufacturing jute and textile machineries and accessories.


Sai Sulphonates Pvt. Ltd. was formed at Sarsuna, Kolkata. It was a LABSA 90% manufacturing unit with only 8 people. It started with only 1 reactor and mere 3000 TPA capacity which then went on to produce 15000 TPA.


A.R. Stanchem Pvt. Ltd. was formed as a LABSA 90% manufacturing unit having a capacity of 9000 TPA in Panihati, Kolkata.


A.R. Stanchem Pvt. Ltd. became 100% Export Oriented Unit.


Sai Fertilizers Pvt. Ltd. was formed in Kharagpur, West Bengal as a Single Super Phosphate producing unit. This was the first step towards the vision of backwards integration by Fogla Group.


Another unit of Sai Sulphontates Pvt. Ltd. was formed in Jugberia, Kolkata as a LABSA 90% manufacturing unit with a capacity of 60,000 TPA.


Sai Sulphonates Pvt. Ltd. ventured into the field of sulphuric acid manufacturing with a new unit in Kharagpur, West Bengal having capacity of 1, 09, 500 TPA along with a Captive Power generation unit of 3MW capacity. This was the second step towards backward integration.


Sai Sulphonates Pvt. Ltd. put up first gas-liquid sulphonation unit of Eastern India as LABSA 96% having a capacity of 43, 800 TPA. Also, in order to expand the EOU capacity, A.R. Stanchem Pvt Ltd shifted its unit to Kharagpur and put up a LABSA 90% production unit with capacity of 24,000 TPA.


Sai Sulphonates Pvt. Ltd. shifted its Jugberia unit to Kharagpur and set up a LABSA 90% manufacturing unit of 81,000 TPA. This gave it an advantage in terms of Raw Material availability as the sulphuric acid and LABSA plants are in the same premises.


A.R. Stanchem Pvt Ltd, Kharagpur further expanded its LABSA 90% manufacturing capacity from 24000 TPA to 36000 TPA.


Sai Sulphonates Pvt. Ltd. completed its backward integration vision by putting up two HMHDPE Drum (which is a packing material for LABSA) manufacturing units in Kharagpur, West Bengal each having a capacity of 2,30,400 Units/annum.


Sai Sulphonates Pvt Ltd expanded its acid production capacity by putting up a second sulphuric acid manufacturing unit of 1, 09, 500 TPA capacity along with 3MW Captive Power Generation unit.


Sai Sulphonates Pvt. Ltd. expanded its LABSA 90% manufacturing capacity from 81000 TPA to 91000 TPA. It also expanded its LABSA 96% plant by putting another unit having 43, 800 TPA capacity. As a result, it expanded its packaging capacity by putting a third HMHDPE Drum unit of 2,30,400 Units/annum capacity.


Sai Sulphonates Pvt. Ltd. put up its fourth HMHDPE drum unit of 2, 30, 400 units/annum capacity and also set up a PP/LDPE sheet manufacturing unit to cater to the raw material requirement of Jumac Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd.


Fogla Group is coming with new projects in the Southern Part of India to reach southern hemisphere.

And many more milestones to achieve…