HDPE & PP Sheets

HDPE Sheet stands out for its high toughness & good stiffness. HDPE Sheet does not absorb moisture and provides a good water vapour barrier, which makes it most suitable for packaging applications along with excellent weld ability. HDPE Sheet has good electrical properties, especially its dielectric properties makes it well suited for wire & cable ducting applications. HDPE Sheets have a glossy, smooth & slippery surface that makes it suitable for sliding application.

PP Sheets (Polypropylene Extruded) have good mechanical & excellent chemical resistance at a wide range of working temperatures. Our Polypropylene sheets are processed with the utmost grade of virgin material to provide the most excellent quality. Polypropylene Sheets are of glossy smooth surface available in various thickness, sizes, colours & grades. As Polypropylene has excellent weld ability, chemical processing, and storage tanks are being fabricated by Polypropylene sheet.



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