Single Super Phosphate (SSP) is a fertilizer that is produced by reacting sulfuric acid with rock phosphate. It contains phosphorus in a form that is readily available to plants. SSP is a highly concentrated source of phosphorus, with typically around 16-20% phosphorus content. It is commonly used in agricultural applications to improve soil fertility and promote plant growth.


As basal applied fertilizer mostly at sowing after soil preparation for All crops, vegetables, plantations, horticulture, forestry and tea gardens As per the recommended dose of NPK following the soil nutrient status Testing for the required replenishment and the specific crop nutrient Requirement to be met.


  • Combination with Urea to Replace DAP supplies multiple times Plant Nutrients (32 kg in 1 Bag DAP but replacement by SSP has 82.5 kg).
  • Additional Micro nutrients and better conditioning of Soil.
  • Cheapest Phosphatic source.

Single Super Phosphate

SSP (Single Super Phosphate)